Ceramic Detail Spray and Towel Kit

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Everything you need to shine your car up, and give it a layer of ceramic to make your paint hydrophobic.


What's included:

(1) Felts' Ceramic Detail Spray

(1) Felts’ Microfiber Plush Towel


Felts’ Ceramic Detail Spray is the ceramic version to our bestseller, Detail Spray. Because of it’s SiO2 technology, it adds exceptional gloss and hydrophobic properties. Ceramic Detail Spray is designed to be a topper to a ceramic coating, or to prolong the life of waxes/sealants. 

  • Easy to use
  • Brings existing coatings back to life
  • Extends longevity of waxes/sealants
  • Safe on all surfaces


  1. Spray a fine mist onto one section of vehicle and wipe with Felts Microfiber Plush Towel
  2. Wipe again for a streak-free shine
  3. Repeat on remainder of exterior

Pro Tip- Fold microfiber towel into fourths. Use a “wet” and “dry” side