Clay and Detail Spray Kit

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Everything you need to clap bar your car!


What's included:

(1) Felts' Detail Spray

(1) Felts’ Clay Mitt


Felts’ Detail Spray is our signature product. Our Detail Spray adds gloss, slickness, protection, and hydrophobic properties to give almost any finish a just waxed look. Guaranteed maximum shine to make your ride stand out. This isn’t just any quick detailer, it's the best!

  • Safe on paint, glass, plastic, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.
  • Use to shine, boost protection, remove dust, fingerprints, or light dirt
  • Aid in drying process to minimize water spots.
  • Use to maintain a just detailed look


  1. Spray a fine mist onto one section of vehicle and wipe with Felts Microfiber Plush Towel
  2. Wipe again for a streak-free shine
  3. Repeat on remainder of exterior

Pro Tip- fold microfiber towel into fourths. Use a “wet” and “dry” side

For use when drying:

  1. After vehicle is rinsed and still wet, mist each panel and glass
  2. Use a clean Felts Microfiber Plush Towel to dry vehicle completely 

For use with Felts’ Clay Mitt:

  1. On a clean vehicle, spray onto a section or panel, starting with the glass.
  2. Using light pressure, rub mitt over the surface until it feels smooth. Repeat for all panels.