Complete Protection Kit

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Everything you need to clay bar, and protect your car.


What's included:

(1) Felts' Graphene Spray Coating

(1) Felts' Detail Spray

(1) Felts' Clay Mitt

(3) Felts’ Microfiber Plush Towel


Felts’ Graphene Spray Coating is easy to use and always has outstanding results. It’s simple application process makes it a go-to for professionals or weekend warriors. This coating can be used as a standalone coating, or can also be used as a topper to an existing coating.

  • Great for first time ceramic users
  • Cutting edge graphene oxide technology to maximize protection
  • Insane hydrophobic properties
  • Adds exceptional shine to your ride


  1. Use Felts’ Clay Mitt to decontaminate paint, glass, chrome, etc (paint correction is recommended as well).
  2. Spray Felts’ Graphene Spray Coating directly into Felts’ Edgeless Plush Microfiber towel and buff into paint, glass, chrome, trim, etc. The product will rainbow streak up.
  3. Use separate, clean Edgeless Plush Microfiber towel to buff to a high shine
  4. Apply as liberally as desired and with as many coats as desired, allowing 5-10 minutes between coats.


Felts’ Detail Spray is our signature product. Our Detail Spray adds gloss, slickness, protection, and hydrophobic properties to give almost any finish a just waxed look. Guaranteed maximum shine to make your ride stand out. This isn’t just any quick detailer, it's the best!

  • Safe on paint, glass, plastic, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.
  • Use to shine, boost protection, remove dust, fingerprints, or light dirt
  • Aid in drying process to minimize water spots.
  • Use to maintain a just detailed look


  1. Spray a fine mist onto one section of vehicle and wipe with Felts Microfiber Plush Towel
  2. Wipe again for a streak-free shine
  3. Repeat on remainder of exterior

Pro Tip- fold microfiber towel into fourths. Use a “wet” and “dry” side

For use when drying:

  1. After vehicle is rinsed and still wet, mist each panel and glass
  2. Use a clean Felts Microfiber Plush Towel to dry vehicle completely 

For use with Felts’ Clay Mitt:

  1. On a clean vehicle, spray onto a section or panel, starting with the glass.
  2. Using light pressure, rub mitt over the surface until it feels smooth. Repeat for all panels.